Bike ride and activity ideas in Seattle

Other than all the great group rides and events on the Everyday Rides calendar, here are some ideas for activities to do on your bike in Seattle. Feeling social? Design your ideal ride and add it to the calendar!

  • Volunteer with Pedaling Relief Project to help deliver groceries and rescue food for community food banks or re-stock a Little Free Pantry (it’s low commitment and lots of fun!)
  • Find a Little Free Pantry or local food bank near you and donate some food for those in need
  • Visit a Little Free Library to find a new book to read or donate to (make it a tour and visit a few even)
  • Play Bike Tag
  • Try to ride every street in Seattle on
  • Ride a tour of ice cream shops or another establishment (donuts, croissants, historical buildings, water towers, beaches, etc.)
  • Have a picnic in your favorite park (bonus: make your dinner on camp stoves)
  • Wake up early and ride out to make coffee in the park (Coffee Outside)
  • Ride to a local park with your binoculars and go birding (Seattle Bike and Bird)
  • Pack your bags for a quick overnighter to Fay Bainbridge Park or another local campground
  • Try to link together all the gravel paths you can as you ride across the city
  • Visit a Bike Benefits location to get a discount for riding your bike there
  • Play Bike Bingo (May-Nov 2022, get your card at Bike Works or other bingo locations)
  • Ride to a farmers market (great group ride! also bonus: some offer free market dollars for bike benefits if you ask)
  • Ride to a weekly art walk
  • Explore a new or unexplored piece of bicycle infrastructure
  • Create your own scavenger hunt
  • Have a themed costume/outfit ride (Examples: anime characters, tweed, 90s)
  • Ride around and explore
  • Try to visit every park in Seattle (especially all those street end and pocket beach access parks – it’s surprising how many there are out there. Detailed map of Seattle parks)
  • Rent a mini projector, find a sheet, and play a movie in the park
  • Ride to a park and have a dance party! (or join Seattle Bike Disco)

If you’re looking for ideas/help with ideas, start a thread on the Everyday Rides Community forum and I or someone else will help out!

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